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Jake Gavitt


(303) 205-6736

With his engaging and easy-going attitude, Jake has a knack for boosting the mood in the Denver West offices.  Even with the every-day problems of leaking faucets or burnt-out light fixtures, when Jake is on hand, tenants tend to forget the hassle of the small inconveniences and enjoy and appreciate his visits.   

Gaining fundamental experience and skills during his 10+ years in landscaping and construction, Jake quickly earned his chops in building operations at Denver West and consistently demonstrates his value to the team and property.  On any given day you will find Jake hopping from building to building performing a myriad of tasks from drywall construction, painting and electrical and plumbing problem-solving to snow shoveling, managing access control systems and tenant requests. 

Being Colorado born and bred, you will be hard pressed to not find Jake fishing, hunting, or camping on his weekends, unless it is in the fall when his die-hard Ohio State fan status claims his undivided attention.